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  • teflon af 2400 tubing 1*0.81mm
teflon af 2400 tubing 1*0.81mm

teflon af 2400 tubing 1*0.81mm

  • teflon af 2400 tubing
  • OD:1mm
  • ID:0.81mm
  • Product description: teflon af 2400 tubing 1*0.81mm
Teflon AF (amorphous fluoropolymer) resins have the same excellent optical clarity and mechanical properties as amorphous polymers. These resins also perform well over a wide temperature range and maintain excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance.

As high-performance fluoropolymer resins, Teflon AF resins offer chemical resistance and high heat resistance. The special molecular structure of these amorphous fluoropolymer resins provides additional benefits including: optical clarity, low refractive index, excellent UV stability and transmission, low dielectric constant, high compressibility and gas permeability, in Solubility in perfluorinated solvents.

Widely used in optical materials, such as lens covers for microwave, radar, and optical equipment; fiber optics, optical cladding; optoelectronic equipment; ultraviolet cells and windows; passivation and protective coatings; and anti-reflective coatings for optical equipment, 3D printing, Semiconductor and processing materials, dielectric materials, biomedical materials, etc.