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PEEK Tubing

  • Peek tubing 1/16
Peek tubing 1/16

Peek tubing 1/16

  • Peek tubing
  • OD:1/16
  • ID:0.03″
  • Product description: Peek tubing for HPLC systems 1/16"×0.03"


●Less oxygen permeable and more temperature resistant than PTFE or Tefzel tubing

●For use with PEEK finger-tight or flangeless fittings

● Can replace stainless steel pipe

● Withstand pressure up to 420bar (6000psi)

● Color marking, inert, biocompatible

● High temperature resistance, melting point 350℃

● Swelling in DMSO, dichloromethane and THF should be avoided. Do not use concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid

Item No. OD            ID

JYEK005 1/16"          0.005"0.1mm

JYEK007 1/16"          0.007"0.2mm

JYEK010 1/16"          0.01"0.25mm

JYEK020 1/16"          0.02"0.5mm

JYEK030 1/16"          0.03"0.75mm

JYEK040 1/16"          0.04"1.0mm